Twinkle Toez Foundation

Twinkle Toez Foundation has given my daughter a gift I could not afford entirely. I enrolled her in what was economical for us and she flourished into a little dancer. When she was given a gift from the Twinkle Toez Foundation of a scholarship I was speechless! After watching her dance with her scholarship and the ability to attend more classes to make her a well rounded dancer has been a beautiful transformation! I have watched a little dancer turn into a patient, creative, expressive, and most of all a better person. Without the generosity and love my daughter would not be the beautiful young lady she is today. We are very grateful and these few words are just the tip of the iceberg emotionally for how we feel. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

The Twinkle Toez Foundation is an amazing organization that has helped our family by allowing my daughter the opportunity to per-sue her passion of dance. We were humbled to receive a scholarship that has not only helped her to grow in her technique but has also brought out a confidence that she didn't have before. The classes and instructors at Step Up Academy of the Arts have allowed my daughter to grow as blossom as a dancer as well as an individual.

I am so incredibly grateful to Christina Delessio-Sapone and The Twinkle Toez Foundation for all they have done for us. This scholarship has been such a blessing in providing an opportunity for our daughter to better herself through dance. An opportunity that without this wonderful organization we would not have been able to provide. So I would just like to say “THANK YOU” for giving my daughter the chance to realize her dream.

- Paula

The word appreciation in no way can begin to express my gratitude to the Twinkle Toez Scholarship Foundation along with Step Up Academy for the transformation of my 11 year old granddaughter. Three years ago she walked into the studio with her head hanging down, full of self doubt and worrying about fitting in and being accepted by the other students. You see she lacked confidence due to the fact her size was not that of most 8 olds. After one year of being a student I was unable to continue with the studio because I am a senior raising two children without any financial aid from anyone, including the state. With the change in the economy, I lost my job and that's when the Twinkle Toez Scholarship Foundation granted my granddaughter the opportunity to continue with her classes. Not only has she learned to dance exceptionally well from the instruction of competent teachers, she has been taught that the students are all alike and they just have to try their best in order to succeed. She was praised, given the opportunity to perform in a theatre, hear applause from the audience which made her feel like a super star and she has transformed into a confident young lady who is no longer afraid to walk through any door and not knowing what is on the other side.

Thank You Twinkle Toez for allowing my granddaughter to be on top of her preteen world and dance to her heart's delight.