Twinkle Toez Foundation


In an effort to develop a program whereby all children have the opportunity to realize their dreams through the expression of the arts, regardless of cultural, social, or economic differences, the Twinkle Toez Foundation was established in November 2009 by Christina DeLessio. Twinkle Toez Foundation provides scholarships to under-privileged children in Nevada to participate in the arts…whether it be dance, vocal, musical instruments, art, theater, etc.

Christina DeLessio has always embraced the arts and recognizes its value in the creative development of our youth. As Miss Clark County 2009, a local preliminary to the Miss America Pageant, choosing her platform was easy—Enriching At-Risk Youth with Participation in the Arts. Christina has been volunteering as a dance instructor at several at-risk local schools and at the Boys and Girls Clubs since 2002. She has spoken to several influential people in the community, from Rotarians to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, stressing the importance of the arts.

Embracing the arts provides a life-long lesson. It does not just teach students the techniques of the art form. It teaches them how to aspire to better things, to reach their highest goal, and then, to reach further. These programs are a source of success for millions of children and the source for a creative outlet that lets children express their unique personalities.

Statistics show that those who are active in the arts raised their SAT scores 57 points. If students can raise their SAT scores by participating in the arts, imagine what other aspects of their lives can also be positively affected. Not only are we getting these children off the streets and into stable activities, but we are also positively affecting their futures.

The youth of Nevada are the future of Nevada. In addition to providing a safe, nurturing place for students to participate in arts programs after school, can you think of a better place to “hang out?”

Help us enrich the lives of the youth of Nevada. We will make a change one student at a time. We will help the future leaders of our nation be the best they can be!