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The Powerful Psychological Benefits of Dance

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The Powerful Psychological Benefits of Dance

By Christopher Bergland for psychologytoday.com

Dancing engages and changes the brain in unique ways.

The neuroscience of dance is a relatively new, but rapidly growing, field of research. In recent months, a variety of studies and an article-based dissertation on the neuroscience of dance have been published. These findings help us better understand why we dance and how dancing engages and changes the human brain. 

On May 11, Hanna Poikonen of the Cognitive Brain Research Unit at the University of Helsinki defended her doctoral dissertation, “Dance on Cortex — ERPs and Phase Synchrony in Dancers and Musicians during a Contemporary Dance Piece.” This paper adds fresh insights to the burgeoning “neuroscience of dance” field of study and presents potentially game-changing methods of research that may have clinical applications.